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Here is a letter below from one of Mistress Katy’s little cuck


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Dear Mistress,

I am so sorry to have kept you waiting. Please forgive me. I have been trying to write up everything that happened as instructed, but it has not been easy. I haven’t been able to include all details. It is difficult to put everything down in words. But I can at least report that I am now officially a pathetic useless cuckold slut as you informed me I would be. And Emma is now officially a cock whore – I was going to call her my wife there, but it is pretty obvious that she is no longer mine. We have hundreds of cuckold cams – livebdsmcams cuckold

You were, of course, right that she needed no encouragement when it came down to it and neither did Peter. It turns out they had been texting each other after my first invite to him.

And Emma didn’t need much encouragement to dress up in a sexy outfit. I’d try to take her shopping for a sexy outfit at Anne Summers but she wouldn’t let me go with her and instructed me to get her a gift voucher that she could use. She’d spent the money on knockout stuff, worthy of your own wishlist mistress. A red silk and lace basque, with black stockings and suspenders. She allowed me to see before Peter arrived and asked me how she looked. I told her she looked incredibly sexy and that Peter would be sure to have a hard cock the moment he saw her. she laughed at that and said, “I hope so!”. She wore a wrap-around blue dress with tie around the middle.

I’d been worried about what to do when he arrived but I realise now I was overestimating my own importance. He rang at the door, and though I answered it, he pretty much walked straight past me saying “where is she?”, and then when he saw here, told her she looked amazing.Emma came straight up to him and embraced him and they kissed. Immediately. he hadn’t been in the house two minutes and I was already an irrelevance in my own home. She only broke after a few minutes to confirm it, telling me to make myself useful and get some drinks. I asked them what they wanted and served them both some of my best whisky.

I needn’t’ have bothered. They hardly touched it. They’d gone through to the lounge and he was already all over her on the sofa. Peter told me to just put the drinks on the side. I felt so humiliated and didn’t know what to do with myself. I wanted to just get away from there but I knew you would be angry with me for disobeying you so I stayed there and sat down on the chair next to them. I knew you wanted more humiliation from me than just to be a perving voyeur as my wife became a whore before my eyes, so I asked if there was anything I could do to help. This made Peter break off and laugh at me quite openly. He was on top of her with her dress undone and she was on fire like I had never seen her before and I said out loud “you must be really desperate for a real cock”. Peter laughed again, but Emma was already clawing at his trousers and said: “you’re right, I need a stiff cock”. She undid his trousers – pretty much tore them off, when he got up – and when straight for his dick. I know you wanted me to praise his manhood, mistress, but she almost didn’t give me a chance. Peter’s dick was inevitably a good thick cock, bigger than mine, and kind


of banana shaped, so it stood up even more prominently than a straight one. Emma looked across at me and she said, “now that’s what a real cock looks like” and went on about how stiff it was and how much she was looking forward to having it inside her. I was squirming with embarrassment but I did manage to say that she deserved a real cock, and to get properly fucked. she bent down and gave him a blowjob, really going to town on him, licking his balls and all the way up his shaft and just under his helmet. It looked like he was going to cum in her mouth right there but she deserved fucking no matter how hungry she was for that cock in her mouth so I asked if they wouldn’t be more comfortable in the bedroom.

Emma broke off after a minute and said to Peter, “yes take me upstairs, I need to be fucked”. I followed them up the stairs but Peter didn’t want me in the bedroom. I had to ask if I could please be present and eventually they agreed I could watch from outside the bedroom as they left the door open. Soi stood on the landing as Peter got on top of Emma. i’d been wondering what would happen about condoms given that Emma is still young enough to have kids, and I don’t know how careful Peter’s been, but he didn’t even ask. He was actually really rough with her and she seemed to love it. He pulled off the lace panties that went with the expensive basque I’d paid for and lifted her legs over his shoulders and pushed into her on the edge of the bed. I couldn’t help but pull out my own excuse for a cock and start wanking as he pumped his way into my wife’s pussy. In almost no time I came in my hand and as you have taught me I drank up my own cum juice just as Peter was pumping his first load into her dripping pussy. After that he took her twice more, once from behind and once with her on top bouncing on top of him – something she loves and I hadn’t been able to get hard enough to do for years.

After that they lay around for a while and then they took a shower together and Peter asked me to go and get his clothes from downstairs. I brought them to him in the ensuite as he was towelling himself down and remembered again your instructions so I thanked him for fucking Emma so well. He smiled and nodded. He didn’t seem that interested in hanging around though and after kissing Emma said he’d be seeing her again.

It all felt like it was a bit of a dream to me. I have never seen Emma like that before. She was a different person, totally forgetting herself, and willing to let Peter do whatever he wanted. She didn’t even demand attention as she used to, just to keep herself interested I guess, in the days when we had sex together. She did let me lick her out later that night and I thought about how Peter had been pounding that pussy just a few hours earlier.

So that’s the basics. I meant to give you more detail and I’m sorry it’s taken me a week to get this to you but my head has been spinning with all of this. I don’t know when the next night with Peter will be – I didn’t arrange anything – although I think they have been texting.

I hope you are pleased mistress. I know I have been reluctant and hesitated over this for awhile and if it wasn’t for your instruction I wouldn’t have finally realised what needed to happen, what I am, and what Emma had to be.

Your humble sluts lave to be instructed

Bill xxx

That was a short transcript from cuckold webcam slave Bill who is so crap in bed and has such a tiny cock his wife fucks other men in front of him and turned him into a humiliated sissy maid on cam. Ha ha


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